April 17, 2014


What is Write For Kids? It is a consulting business that provides program and fund development services for nonprofits. But it CAN DO so much more. Write For Kids' mission is to strengthen kids, families, schools, child- and youth-serving agencies, churches and communities by giving voice to and bringing focused and continuous attention to the needs and challenges of children and youth, with a special focus the kids who are under-served, forgotten and pushed aside. Write for Kids is a place where kids matter most.

The time has come and the place is here to open up and discuss, explore and make some PEOPLE POLICY that begins to meet the needs of our kids... all of them.... everyday. Email me at cathi@writeforkids.net for more information or to offer your voice or support! Offer to do a guest blog post - or invite me to do one on your blog. And, remember to do something special with or for a kid today! The whole world will be a better place because you did!

“For The Kids” Blog

It just makes sense to me…

 The Child Poverty rate in the U.S. has held steady or increased slightly each year since 2008, between 21% and 26% children.  That is over 16 million children – or between one in four and one in five children.  (National Center for Children in Poverty)  And, it’s not just the ten year olds and teenagers we […]

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